Caught in the Wild

Our fish come from all over the world — Panama, Suriname, Ecuador, etc. — you name it. Our tuna and swordfish are always caught wild and never farmed. That’s why they taste so good. Our main facility is located in Miami, Florida. So we usually ship our products to you from there. The seafood that is caught in different parts of the world all meet up so that we can process each individual fish to be inspected and approved by our experts. The only exception to this are the tilapia, salmon, and shellfish like shrimp, mussels, and clams.
Clark Fish LLC is a fish distributor and it is our job to find the best quality fish we can bring you. Our fleets will go anywhere to get these fish. You know those shows on Discovery Channel where they film a fishing ship going through a storm? Yes, it gets like that out there on the open ocean. A rain of salt water on your face and soaked through all of your clothes. There are ups and downs to the point where simple seasickness is an understatement. It’s a risky and dangerous life, but they do it. It’s a battle with nature but the quality of fish is worth it.
Have you ever gone camping and decided to go fishing out on that man-made lake nearby? You take your kids out on the little paddle boat because you know it’s safe enough for them to fish. The water is calm and there is a light breeze, perfect for a short family outing. Well, the big, strong fish that are delicious to eat don’t live in these waters. That’s why it’s fun for the kids to get the fishing experience. They can keep reeling them in one after another and eventually, you just throw them back into the water. The fish that live in the little lakes don’t put up much of a fight. So, you can only imagine how worth it we think it is if the tiring, hours long struggle to catch the fish is done all year long.
Think about how easy it was, rod in hand, to pull in a weaker animal than you. The same cannot be said for tuna and swordfish. These ocean beasts are powerful and gracefully fast. They have muscles that are tender and juicy. Their strength allow them to prey on smaller fish and stay healthy. Then, this is where consumers come in on the food chain. We do the heavy lifting labor part of the job, aka ‘the muscle’ and you, the consumer, get to enjoy the benefits of your fresh fish that were caught in the wild.

About Clark Fish

With over 25 years of experience, Clark Fish gets you. We understand that our clients require care and individual attention to specific needs. We’ll get you high quality, hassle free fish, and seafood that add value to any restaurant, hotel, resort, country club, or wholesaler's line of products. It’s just that good! We want you to be satisfied and you will be. Clark Fish is registered with the FDA, HACCP approved facility, and are inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture.
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