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For some time now, the United States has been trying to regulate and prevent illegal fishing. On Monday, December 12, 2011 the Obama administration introduced the Pirate Fishing Elimination Act that would prevent ships taking part in illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing from entering U.S. ports to offload what they caught at sea.

This post is a response to what has been going on in legislation in regards to illegal fishing.

It is important to be aware of laws that have to do with illegal fishing because as consumers you have to be mindful of how your seafood was caught. Why? The people that are providing illegally caught fish to you have no concern for the future of fish in the sea. But you should. The fish already face enough hardships: global warming, accidental oil spills, and on top of that being over fished to the point where they face extinction. That’s too much for the little guy in the sea. But hey, it’s easy to fight for environmental rights – it’s a good cause. But what does this mean for the fish market? Some say that it can “devastate fish stocks” and others say that it is “ensuring a level playing field for our fishermen.” As the consumer, who enjoys what you eat, don’t you hope to continue to have this delicacy available to you for the rest of your life? So think about all of this and rely on a fish distributor that has the same concerns as you do and isn’t just market driven. You shouldn’t have to give up what you enjoy in life for other people’s mistakes. Clark Fish LLC cares about fish and cares about you. Trust us to get you what you want for the rest of your life—that’s one way to do your part.


You can read more about the legislation at this link:

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