Florida Stone Crab Facts

– Fresh from Florida Stone Crab Claws are a renewable resource. Which makes them a perfect example of what is meant by a sustainable fishery.

– The claws are removed on the boats and the crab returned to the water where it will regenerate 4 to 5 claws in its natural lifetime

– Our stone crabs are harvested primarily from the Florida Keys and South Florida’s west coast from such storied fishing communities as Everglades City, Isle of Capri, Goodland, Cortez, Ft Meyers and Hernando Beach.

– Stone crabs season runs from October 15 thru May 15.

– Claws are graded according to size: medium, 5 to 8 pieces per pound; large, 3 to 5 pieces p/lb. jumbo, 2 to 3 pieces p/lb and colossal 1 to 2 pieces p/lb.

– Stone crab claws have a 10 to 12 day shelf life if properly iced.

– Once harvested, the raw claws are cooked on the boat or more commonly at dockside.

– Stone crab claws are a much desired delicacy served hot or cold in many ways with a variety of sauces and mustard.

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