Lobster Pizza

A great and inexpensive appetizer recipe to entertain your friends and family at your next get together.


4 flour tortilla, 10-inch shells (per pizza)
4 ounces Roasted Garlic Butter Spread
8 tablespoons grated fresh parmesan cheese
16 ounces drained roma tomatoes, diced
8 tablespoons fresh basil, julienned
8 ounce lobster tail, cut into chunks
2 cups cheese (shredded Italian five-cheese blend)


Heat oven to 450°F.

Lightly brush entire topside of tortillas with garlic butter (edge to edge). Sprinkle two tablespoons Parmesan cheese over the garlic butter for each pizza. After draining the diced tomatoes, sprinkle evenly over Parmesan cheese. Sprinkle the basil evenly over the diced tomatoes. Portion lobster meat, then sprinkle it evenly over the tomatoes. The top off with the Italian cheese blend.

Brush a pizza pan lightly with vegetable oil and sprinkle lightly with ground black pepper and kosher salt. (This prep is essential!).

When oven is ready, place pizza on pan and cook approximately four to five minutes.

Remove from pan and cut into eight wedges.

Squeeze fresh lemon over pizza for extra flavor and serve.

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