We Sell to Hotels and Resorts!

Clark Fish sells to many different Hotels and Resorts in South Florida. Miami – it’s everyone’s ideal vacation spot. What is the cherry on top to the perfect getaway? Amazing food. Seafood is a delicacy that may be hard to come by, but Clark Fish makes it accessible to everyone. Why not start by supplying hotels with the best quality seafood that isn’t easy to come by? That way, when everyone goes home at the end of their trips, they will all talk about the great food they had while they were away. Hotels that have big events like banquette halls, seasonal dinners, and other special events? No problem. We can stock you up with our best fresh and/or frozen seafood. We want to make your satisfaction memorable so that you’ll keep buying from us. It’s not a trick! You’re happy and you’ll want more. So that’s what we work hard for.

About Clark Fish

With over 25 years of experience, Clark Fish gets you. We understand that our clients require care and individual attention to specific needs. We’ll get you high quality, hassle free fish, and seafood that add value to any restaurant, hotel, resort, country club, or wholesaler's line of products. It’s just that good! We want you to be satisfied and you will be. Clark Fish is registered with the FDA, HACCP approved facility, and are inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture.
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