Labeling Fraud in the Seafood Market

How do you know that the Tuna you ordered is really Tuna? Or your Swordfish is Swordfish? You don’t. You just trust and expect that it is. After all, no one would think otherwise. Unfortunately, the fish industry isn’t as heavily regulated by the government as it should be. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has different policies in order to check the quality of meats and other products but for some reason, seafood is not in the same standard. Cheaper fillets that can be passed for better products are switched so that a higher profit can be made. Tilapia is a cheap, white meat fish with little flavor that it can be passed as almost anything. It can’t be helped that this is done, but it can be stopped. As the consumer, by being aware that labeling fraud even exists, pressures the FDA to start enforcing rules and regularly check that the labels actually represent what it says it is. By questioning whether or not you are getting what you order, you are stressing the importance of the quality of seafood you are receiving and make the distributor more cautious of what they are selling you. From there, distributors would have to make sure they are getting what they are paying for and eventually, it reaches the top of the market chain and people start to realize that no one is going to be fooled by mislabeled fish.

This is a hot topic in the industry right now because if your fish is mislabeled, then so can the expiration date. Different species of fish are as different as milk and orange juice, they are both liquids, but I wouldn’t pour orange juice into my cereal every morning.

The good thing about living in an age where technology is at our fingertips, is that everyone can know what they are eating and the FDA can use DNA sampling technology to test the fillets. With these random checks in place, the labeling fraud will eventually come to a halt.

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With over 25 years of experience, Clark Fish gets you. We understand that our clients require care and individual attention to specific needs. We’ll get you high quality, hassle free fish, and seafood that add value to any restaurant, hotel, resort, country club, or wholesaler's line of products. It’s just that good! We want you to be satisfied and you will be. Clark Fish is registered with the FDA, HACCP approved facility, and are inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture.
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