Lent Package Event! Offer ends March 26

Please check out our new Lent Package Event offering our top five best selling fish and a complimentary gift of a t-shirt and cooler.
Offer ends on March 28, 2016. Visit http://clarkfish.com/promotion/lent-package/ for more information! Also, check out our website www.clarkfish.com for other offers swimming around!



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About Clark Fish

With over 25 years of experience, Clark Fish gets you. We understand that our clients require care and individual attention to specific needs. We’ll get you high quality, hassle free fish, and seafood that add value to any restaurant, hotel, resort, country club, or wholesaler's line of products. It’s just that good! We want you to be satisfied and you will be. Clark Fish is registered with the FDA, HACCP approved facility, and are inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture.
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